Life winds you up.

We’ll remove the knots and tension. Come to Via Medens and unwind.

You should always feel young.

Don’t let age set you back. A good massage can help you feel better and younger.

Health comes in many flavors.

It’s as important how you treat your body as what you put into it.

After 3 years, Via Medens is closing up shop for now.

All gift certificates and subscriptions will be honored by the on-staff LMT and the contact info will stay current for the time being.

Thank you for your support!

The Way of Healing

The notion of “Via Medens” Therapeutic Massage began with the concept of well-being as a path and a process rather than a destination. Translated from the Latin as “The Way of Healing”, it my hope that Via Medens will be able to represent a pathway leading to restoration for my clients. Getting to a point where you are searching for therapeutic massage implies a willingness to be a part of the process of restoration.

A Partnership with You

Coming in is the next step. There are myriad benefits to massage, many of them stemming from the physiological relaxation effect, and someone willing to incorporate that into the process of their own health is off to a promising start. In a very literal way “Via Medens” could never be successful as the business of one individual. In order to achieve its reason of existence, it needs to be treated as a partnership between therapist and client, wherein your edification and internal harmony is our communal goal and desire.


Gift certificates & Massage Subscriptions

nathanscott-headshot-spring2015About Nathaniel

Nathaniel Scott is most recently a graduate of Bristol Community College’s Therapeutic Massage program. Having previously attained a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts (ENC, 2001) and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (PLNU, 2008), he is eager to launch career paths that bring all of his educational experience to life. He has also passed the National Certification Exam (NCBTMB). Nathaniel shares his workspace with his wife of seven years.

My Approach

My goals as a Licensed Massage Therapist are to use the techniques of massage therapy in helping people regain optimum health. Many people see a massage as something of a personal luxury, but I understand that massage can be an important key in establishing and maintaining your lifelong health.

In 2014, 2015, and 2016 I’ve had the honor to serve on the corps of volunteer Massage Therapists at the Boston Marathon. This helped me deeply understand the importance of massage for anyone who leads an active, healthy lifestyle.

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